Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-White-Small-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-Grey-Small-
Self Watering Plant Flower Pot-

Self Watering Plant Flower Pot

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 Elevate your gardening experience with our Self-Watering Plant Pot - a marvel of convenience and style that's perfect for your beloved flowers and green plants.

Key Features:

  • Smart Self-Watering System: This transparent double-layer plastic flower pot features an ingenious self-watering system that automatically absorbs water from the reservoir, saving you precious time and effort on daily plant hydration. Bid farewell to daily watering rituals, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plants are well cared for.

  • Easy Water Refilling: Designed with your convenience in mind, our pot includes a dedicated water-filling port. This makes it a breeze to add water whenever your plants require a drink. No more guesswork or complicated watering schedules.

  • Transparent Water Basin: The transparent design of the water reservoir allows you to effortlessly monitor and control the water level, ensuring your plants receive the perfect amount of hydration. Keep your greens thriving with ease.

  • Colour Options: Choose between two elegant colour options, white and grey, to seamlessly blend with your décor or make a stylish statement in your home or garden.

  • Durable AS Material: Crafted from high-quality AS material, this flower pot is built to last, ensuring that it remains a part of your garden for years to come.

  • Multiple Sizes: Available in three different sizes - Small (8.2 x 11.3cm), Medium (10.5 x 13.8cm), Large (15.3 x 18.2cm) and X-Large (23.5 x 26.4cm) - you can select the perfect fit for your plants, accommodating their growth and needs.